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high-performance web-servers & hosting packages, suitable for driving websites of all sizes.

Every website, somewhere, is hosted on a web-server. This is where all of the ‘code’ and content on a website is kept.

Picking the right host for your website can be tricky as there are many options out there.

I generally host websites on a VPS (virtual private server).

This means, without breaking the bank, the websites I host have ample resources compared to other options like shared hosting.

With the right technology I can also upgrade websites from one VPS to another, in case a website ever outgrows it’s current hosting solution.

All of my hosting plans come with:

  • basic email hosting
  • daily backups
  • performance monitoring
  • caching & CDN technologies
  • shell, SFTP & FTP access
  • database management
  • staging & testing environments
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